Experience the Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok at Medici

Simply the best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok. A Rustic industrial space. A novel setting for enjoying vibrant and powerful Abruzzo regional cuisine. 

Evoking a neo-industrial opulence warmed by exotic, homely woods, Medici Italian Restaurant Bangkok is the heart of the award winning Bangkok Boutique Hotel, Hotel Muse Bangkok. The restaurant, Bangkok’s most beautiful subterranean eatery, was inspired by the transition of European luxury and culture to King Rama V-era Asia, and the marriage of sophisticated elegance and homely charm.

Continuing the hotel’s main theme of discovery via a series of archways, the restaurant eschews modernity in favour of an analogue human touch. The overall concept was to create a vast wine cellar; oak floor is left unsealed to breath, emphasising the fresh and raw properties of authentic Liscia food ingredients; the open kitchen connects guests with the source of culinary imagination, amidst brick, rod iron, wooden casks, a barbeque spit, silk lanterns and the artistic splendour of its private ‘Caterina’ and ‘Lorenzo’ dining areas.

 Thailand Tatler’s Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok for 3 consecutive years

Medici Italian Restaurant Bangkok is currently enjoying its own grand renaissance, under the care of Chef Nicolino Lalla, a graduate of Villa Santa Maria’s world-renowned Istituto Professionale Alberghiero and resident of Phuket for six years.

Chef Nic’s focus on raw ingredients and diverse approach to embracing several Italian regional cooking styles offer innumerable ways in which he can present his journeyman prophecy – the rediscovery of the forgotten Abruzzese flavors in their three component signatures; “heavy, rich, strong.”

Medici Italian Restaurant Bangkok and its open kitchen attract guests to enjoy the art of live cooking allowing dinners to partake in the journey of cuisine discovery at the Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok. The term ‘Medici’ is a reference to neo-classical Florence, the power wielded by the legendary Medici family, and the influence it held over politics, religion and finance in Italy at the time. Entering the restaurant is like a journey into the past, with a beautiful collision of motifs which make this dining spot one of the most inimitable in Asia.

The venue’s exclusive wine selection features special pairings created by Chef Nicolino. Medici also plays host to an eclectic and fascinating series of events and musical performances, including a live opera show (Mon-Sat) enhancing your dining experience at the Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok.

Amazing delectable and rich food, with a spectacular wine list and special pairing as well as impeccable service make Medici Italian Restaurant Bangkok simply the Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok.


Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok