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Wander down the spiral staircase of Hotel Muse Bangkok, you’ll find Medici Kitchen & Bar. Named by Thailand Tatler for achieving culinary excellence, Medici is nominated as one of the best restaurants in Thailand every year. Combining the freshest ingredients with traditional culinary techniques, Medici has always been recognized as a gourmet landmark within the boutique hotel on Langsuan Road. Inspired by the noble Medici family, or the House of Medici, Medici features authentic Italian cuisine, from homely comfort food to rare indulgences. As an award-winning restaurant in Bangkok, Medici shines the spotlight on seasonal specialties in its Italian food menu.



Born and raised in Brescia of North Italy, Chef Giuliano Berta lives to bring authentic Italian cuisine to an intimate dining setting such as Medici Kitchen & Bar. Chef Giuliano began his gastronomic adventure by cooking side-by-side with his mother, whom he learned how to make fresh homemade pasta from. He later cultivated his own culinary sensibilities through a decade of training and cooking at various Italian restaurants across the globe. From Italy to Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to the Philippines, Chef Giuliano has been spreading his food philosophy all over Asia. As the new executive chef of Medici Kitchen & Bar, Chef Giuliano introduces a brand-new Italian food menu. Crafted with passion, each dish is imbued with the storied history of Italian cuisine. Even the most ordinary ingredients, once fallen into Chef Giuliano’s hands, they will be transformed into a work of art.


Combining the freshest imported ingredients with traditional culinary expertise, Chef Giuliano presents an authentic Italian food menu at Medici Kitchen & Bar. Chef Giuliano fuses the warmth of Italy into traditional recipes that deliver delicious flavors. Served in the cozy atmosphere of a quintessential restaurant, the Italian food menu shines the spotlight on centuries-old classic favorites and showcases the vibrant modernity of the beloved Italian cuisine.



Our Italian food menu features a classic appetizer that brings back childhood memories of many; fritto misto, which literally means ‘mixed fry’ in Italian. It traditionally incorporates anything from vegetables to fresh seafood beneath its delicate golden batter. At Medici Kitchen & Bar, fritto misto consists of a mix of local and imported seafood, such as soft-shell crab. All of which are deep-fried and served with lemon and tartar sauce. For a light starter, begin the meal with smoked watermelon carpaccio. Served with olives, avocado salsa and crispy bean curd, the carpaccio is made of novel flavor combinations. The platter of Italian cheeses and cold cuts also never disappoints.



Nothing says comfort to me like a plate of fresh homemade pasta. The Italian food menu at Medici Kitchen & Bar boasts a collection of mouthwatering fresh pasta that is made in-house.

For instance, the lasagne casarecce layered with Australian beef cheek ragout and béchamel sauce delivers big flavors and comfort. A celebration of ocean delicacies, spaghettoni all’astice is a delightful tangle of spaghetti cooked with white wine and luscious lobster bisque. Served with fresh tomatoes and basil, the pasta is a plate of pure bliss. Aside from the layered lasagna and ribbons of pasta, the Italian food menu also has a number of ravioli with sumptuous fillings. Topped with fragrant truffle cream and tangy fig chutney, the ravioli foie gras is a rich, decadent choice. There is also a vegetarian option of green raviolis stuffed with fluffy ricotta mousse, hazelnuts and sautéed spinach.



The pizza featured on the Italian food menu at Medici Kitchen & Bar showcases an exemplary thin crust that is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Topped with porcini mushrooms and a final aromatic benediction of black truffle, the pizza tartufata is an easy favorite. Moreover, pizza tartufata is baked with three types of cheeses too. The blend of mascarpone, taleggio and mozzarella makes this pizza simply irresistible. On the other hand, pizza con burrata is a creamy yet refreshing option. Fresh slices of heirloom tomatoes, grana padano cheese, wild rocket and mozzarella on a golden-brown crust.



The wonderful collection of recipes includes mains made with carefully selected ocean and earth delicacies. The Italian food menu features branzino al sale, which is a generous filet of salt-baked sea bass. The fish is served with sautéed greens, potatoes and marinated mushrooms, too. Meat lovers will be delighted to see the classic filetto Rossini. The dish consists of a beautifully seared beef tenderloin that is accompanied by pan-seared foie gras. Perfect for sharing, the grilled tomahawk steak is easily one of the star dishes on the Italian food menu.



With wrought-iron details and oak barrels lined on the wall as décor, Medici Kitchen & Bar is a warm, inviting space. Recently revamped, the Italian restaurant boasts a brand-new enticing lounge area and circular booths. Diners can sink into the comfort of plush seating and indulge in authentic Italian fare with fine wine. In addition, there are a number of live musical performances by Fivera. As the first and only pop-opera band in Thailand, Fivera is made up of five beautiful vocals who specialize in live opera songs. With this entertainment program, Medici offers a multi-sensory dining experience.

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